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'FIRST' on Bezmiechowa slope

What do you get in a package?

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Autumn flying in Chęciny

Mephisto rules :))

Aura - a new model in our collection

Our favorite mountain - Ochodzita

testing ground next to the Lublinek airport in Lodz


We would like to introduce to you, our professionally manufactured RC gliders and powered gliders with electric motors. Our glider range covers aircraft suitable for inexperienced pilots,to experienced and competition pilots. You may order a kit or ready-to-fly model.

NEW !!! 3 variants of the fuselage construction


Our models can be made in one of three versions: a fixed-nose glider and an open cab [Variant 1], or an powered glider with open cab [OPTION 2] and a classic glider with a sliding nose [VARIANT 3]. In the glider, the choice of one of the solutions is just a matter of personal preference, but open cab solution in the powered glider allows for convenient access and replacement of batteries without disassembling the wings.


Our long experience in designing and producing RC gliders, as well as our passion for flying 'small' planes are the best guarantee of the quality of our products.